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Puts a Spring in my trotters..........

I couldn’t be happier that I have discovered a deli inspired eatery right around the corner from my office on one of my hunting expeditions. Spring seems to be a jack of all trades (or just confused), drawing in the masses with its bustling Felix Street corner entry. Expresso bar, cafe, deli, market table, bistro, fine dining, food market and cooking school all rolled into one French farm house inspired food trough with a bold and modern twist.

I have now feasted on Spring's sandwhiches three times for takeaway lunches and enjoyed the roast chicken and shaved ham sandwiches and the pulled pork baguette, all of which were generously prepared with love and put into a very impractical box that resembles a mini cardboard treasure chest......... luckily for Spring I find a good quality ham the same value as gold.

The decor looks like it was ripped out of Country Style magazine - long wooden tables, wine stocked from floor to ceiling, shelves filled with gourmet groceries and walls adorned with paintings of farm animals.... unfortunately not a truffle pig in sight. The sandwiches are full, the salads look fresh and the sweets are an art form (if I actually ate sweets I would find it impossible not to buy one).

Despite the occasional line up and extra couple of dollars I am easily persuaded with ham, cheese and sourdough so it won’t be long before this Truffle Pig is sniffing out its next sandwich at Spring.

The bitter: confusing layout and frazzled staff. The sweet: jam packed gourmet sandwiches in a sunny setting.

Oink Oink, Truffle Pig

Spring - 26 Felix Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000 – www.spring.com.au

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