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Viva La Libertine!

Viva La Libertine!


Entering Libertine is like walking into a meeting with the French and Vietnamese heads of state formalising an alliance with one another to battle a war against bad food. I decided to do my part for world peace, enter the firing line and become a foreign correspondent for the night. I came out of the battle unscathed, pleasantly tipsy and carrying a few extra rashers of bacon on my belly.

The food is unusual, creative and de-freaking-licious! After cleansing my piggy-palate with a passionfruit cocktail my trotters were working at full pace around the table tasting a variety of delightful dishes from the street food and sharing plate menus with my hungry herd.

The white flag was officially erected when I was soaking a perfectly baked French baguette in a lemongrass and coconut infused broth full of mussels. They won the war with their buttery five mushroom dumplings, salt and pepper tofu, efficiently friendly staff and decadent decor.

The bitter: despite the outside being as pretty as a pig you can feel isolated from the rest of the piggies inside. The sweet: the more food I can taste the better – I love the idea of pigs sharing plates. The damage: Moderate - cocktails, wine and food for four pigs cost about $225.

Oink Oink, Truffle Pig

Libertine - No. 5, The Barracks. 61 Petrie Tce. Brisbane - www.libertine.net.au

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The Gunshop Cafe, West End

The Gunshop Cafe, West End

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