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I Chose Miss Chu........

Only in Bondi can a restaurant get away with being “hip” when they serve their water from an old industrial sized fish sauce bottle. Thankfully the water tasted nothing like fish and the food didn’t disappoint either... nor did the cocktails.

I don’t know why but bloody mary’s always seem to taste better when they're served with a mini umbrella – it was perfectly spiced with a lemony tang and a tasty prelude for the delicious dumplings to follow.

The “net” prawn and crab spring rolls were delicate and delicious. The perfectly prepared prawn dumplings were a favourite, as were the Shanghai pork. But the highlight for me was the duck pancakes – crispy skin and tender meat quacked perfectly together in the the pancake with hoisin sauce and shallots.

It is no wonder Miss Chu’s popularity is spreading like swine flu – this new Bondi location is perfect for a post-beach snack or pre-drink dine on dumplings but the main meals were as impressive as the service - not completely bad, but nothing to write home about either.

The Bitter: The staff were friendly but perhaps not to each other because our orders didn’t make the kitchen.... twice. The Sweet: A night time take on yum cha and endless soy sauce puts a smile on this pig's snout. The damage: Moderate – cocktail, wine and shed loads of food for about $50 per pig.

Oink oink,

Truffle Pig.

Miss Chu Bondi Tuckshop - 178 Campbell Parade, Bondi - 02 9365 7762 - www.misschu.com.au

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