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Review: My Favourite Products ....

Review: My Favourite Products ....


Big Mouth Funnel As you probably already know, my blog is all about food and travel, and with that comes the use of many products and services, here are just a few that I am in love with at the moment.

Travel Booking - Momondo

People often ask me where to get the best flight deals as travel websites are a dime a dozen, but my favourite is the aggregator site www.momondo.com.au . Not only does it find the best deals from across the web and all over sights, it lets you select multiple destination trips, when you want to arrive by (or depart by), minimum and maximum flight times and many other cool features. It isn't just about finding the cheapest price (although that is helpful), it finds whatever flights suit you and doesn't bug you with accommodation and rental care deals in the process.

Big Mouth Funnels

No longer do funnels have to take up prime real estate in the utensil draw! These flatpack, slim pieces of plastic (two size variations) click together to create an easy to clean funnel that is dishwasher friendly and easy to you. You can see them in action in the photo above, no surprise they won the Sydney design awards. You can purchase yours here.


It is obvious I love to eat out and love to cook, but sometimes I love nothing more than a good ol' fashion takeaway on the couch. The days of endless google searches to find a delicious dish to be delivered to your door are over! MenuLog can tell you what places deliver to you local area, and you order online from the plethora of menus on their database. You can either pay online or pay cash on delivery, tempting right? Order your next meal here: www.menulog.com.au


If you have any product that you think I would love, or you want me to try out - let me know!

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