Atara Handpainted Israeli Colourful Ceramic Bowl - Large

Atara Handpainted Israeli Colourful Ceramic Bowl - Large


Atara has travelled all the way from Jerusalem, Israel and was hand made. She was also painted by an Armenian artist using traditional colours and prints as you can see from her incredible details. She is made of ceramic and is one of a kind and would love to be welcomed into your home.


34cm long


The vibrancy of the Atara plate makes it a beautiful serving dish for a dinner party or a statement piece for decorating.


Please also avoid stacking things on the plate top, contact with hard objects or using rough cloths as the paint might scratch. Do not put her in the dishwasher, she only likes to be cleaned gently by hand.


This plate was hand painted so has slight imperfections. Please look at the photos carefully before purchasing.

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