Hamza Black & White Moroccan Floor Cushion

Hamza Black & White Moroccan Floor Cushion


Hamza is a pretty romantic kinda guy, he loves being taken to the beach, sitting with you by the fire, holding you while watching the sunrise or getting cosy with you on the lounge room floor. He is from Morocco, made from vintage fabric, and one of a kind. Needless to say, he it quite the catch. 


The black and white fabric is a simple design that can add a bit of softness and comfort to any room from minimalist to the maximalist. You can even transform Hamza into a coffee table by placing a tray or chopping board on top of him. For more inspiration you can check out my Pinterest board. 


Please only wash this guy by hand with cold water. 


These cushions are made by hand using vintage fabrics and rugs so there will be some slight imperfections which add to their charm. If you have any questions or concerns, please emails us at hello@talesandtrails.com  


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