Luiz Brazilian Cow Hide Rug - Beige and White

Luiz Brazilian Cow Hide Rug - Beige and White


Luiz has travelled all the way from the sunny shores of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He is a low maintenance kind of guy who will never go out of fashion and manages to make any floor look good. 




Cow hides make a beautiful rug for many rooms of the house, you can see examples of this on my Pinterest board. 


Luiz's natural oils make him pretty stain resistant, if you do have a spill, just wipe it off gently. If staining does occur use a soft brush, warm water and a mild soap for removals. He would also appreciate a shake out once in a while and a vacuum with the brushes removed. 


The colour, patterns and textures may vary on each hide. Luiz's imperfections are part of his charm. 





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